13 Km

Spello was founded by the umbrians for then to be denominated Hispellum in Roman epoch. It was declared by Caesar “Splendid Colony Julia.” The rests fortified wall, far greater in past than what we can admire today, and the archaeological sites that surround the town, attest to the greatness it once had. The Barbarians’ descent in Italy was devastating for Spello, that turned it into a poor village. In the epoch of the dukedoms it was engulfed into the Dukedom of Spoleto, to become later with Spoleto part of the Vatican States. The town, non the less missed its independence acquired during the Roman epoch, and soon became independent declaring its own laws. The period of independence lasted until the family from Perugia, Baglioni, took control of the town. In the IV century it became an Episcopalian centre.

Must see:

  • The Walls Consular Gateway Urbica Gateway Venus Gateway Arce Gateway Augustus Arch
  • Forum Town Palace- collection of archaeological findings
  • Roman Domus (ex Hospital) Villa (loc S.ANNA)
  • Villa (via BALDINI) Amphitheatre Thermal Baths(Church of St.Claudio) The Sanctuary.