A Relais in Umbria surroundings Bevagna

Why choose a relais in Bevagna for vacations? Firstly because Bevagna is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. In fact in this small territory, there are many small treasures of the middle age architecture.

Our Relais in Bevagna was born just before the ancient walls of the city and it is far only few kilometres from Spello, Montefalco, Trevi, Torgiano, Deruta (all current on the list of the most beautiful towns in Italy) and others wonderful cities like Assisi, Spoleto, Perugia, Bastia Umbra and Foligno.

Choose Porta Guelfa Residence means to enjoy one of the best relais Spa in Umbria, provided with exclusive services to have a great and very relaxing experience during your vacation.

Historical notes about Bevagna

Bevagna is a little and precious town with 5.024 residents, about 35 kilometres from Perugia and 148 kilometres from Roma.
Located just before the ancient walls of Bevagna, there is Porta Guelfa: the ideal place to live, immersed into the green and the history of Umbria.

First historical notes about Bevagna coincide with the roman period, even if there are signs of human settlements since the iron age, and other archeological discoveries confirm the presence of Umbrians in Bevagna’s territory.

In the middle of Bevagna roads, there was the Roman Municipality (90 a. C.), signed to the Aemilia tribe, where romans built the Flaminia road (220 a. C).
During Christianity, many martyrs have died here, including St. Vincent, first bishop and patron of the city.
Then Bevagna belonged to Spoleto and, later (774), to the Church State, but it still depended from the empire.
After 1000 year Bevagna became a free city ruled by two consuls, always faithful to the state of the church.

Bevagna, was well know for the production of refined canvas, called indeed “bevagne“. Its main aspect today is the typical middle age town with a lot of buildings, churches and theaters.
For the ones who loves food, they can enjoy the delicious truffle dishes and typical Umbrian dishes.